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本文属于GW-Volume方案的子方案,方案已汇总于 《GW-Volume 实景三维土方方案 (无人机摄影测量、三维激光扫描 汇总) 用于建筑基坑 精细化设计、施工


GW-Volume is developed by Beijing GeoWill Ltd with the technology of modern measurement and deep understanding of planning and design in architecture and civil engineering. GW-Volume has changed the traditional way it works for volume calculations and is an industrial solution and service for architecture and planning.

Compared with traditional method, GW-Volume solution has the advantages of more reliable accuracy and higher proficiency.

It also extends the results with 3D information, to return back to design and engineering by cutting planes.

By using GW-Volume, the planner and designer will save much time and the owner will save a lot of money.


The following is a real case in engineering in our recent service, which will illustrate the theory, method, and results of GW-Volume.

 The design and planning (reconstruction and expansion) for construction engineering demands high requirements for the accuracy and reliability of on-site data. During our service for some national level planning and design institute, Beijing GeoWill Ltd innovatively updated the method and application for volume calculations.

Beijing GeoWill's solution provides not only the number of cutting volume and filling volume in traditional way, but also the cutting volume models and filling volume models.  


All these data are based on real spatial coordinates, therefore the models can easily match the planning map and BIM models.


Section lines can be generated based on the 3D reality models, for the planning engineers to estimate the current terrain on site.

The cutting model and filling model by GeoWill can also generate  sectional drawing for the application of engineering on site.


土方工程量分布图/土方量分布图 (可由挖填 继续 拓展土石比分布图)

在制定复杂地形的土方施工计划中,需要统筹思考所有 挖方点与其最近的填方点关系网。GW-Volume的 "挖填方工程量分布图" 能帮助管理人员更快速方案选优。



土方工程量分布图 颜色(色阶)说明:


高于设计表面的 是挖方色,距离设计表面越远,颜色由绿变蓝(挖方越厚越蓝);

低于设计表面的 是填方色,距离设计表面越远,颜色由橙变红(填方越厚越红)。







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Beijing GeoWill Ltd is located in national-level Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and we are concentrated and professional to our target for intelligent 3D. We combine production, study and research closely with the cooperation with Peking University, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the University of Hong Kong. We use the technology of AI, 5G communication, spatial surveying and mapping, machine vision together with geographic information technology, to provide research and development on geo-spatial intelligence, and application service.

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